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Elaine Young is a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist who offers online hypnotherapy sessions and in-person hypnotherapy sessions. She has helped many people overcome a variety of issues from adverse childhood trauma, to sexual issues in a relationship and overcoming binge eating.

As a retired nurse with a lot of life experience, Elaine now uses her hypnotherapy services to help people overcome stress, anxiety, and negative habits that are holding them back in life.

If you are looking for help in overcoming various issues and achieving goals you never thought possible then book a FREE discovery call with Elaine Young to find out more about her approach, how she could help you and discover what is holding you back.

Alternatively, there are a number of articles which show the wealth of Elaine’s expertise and knowledge in subjects such as SCIO therapy, RTT therapy, overcoming childhood trauma, sexual happiness and menopause and weight loss.