Menopause & Weight Control

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Menopause & Weight Control

Menopause on a Scale

Menopause on a Scale is dedicated to those women who suffer from perimenopause, menopause, post menopause, menopausal symptoms and excess weight primarily in Kent – but no one else is excluded!

This group is run by me, forever young and ageless, Elaine Young, I am a Menopause Expert and Fatnosis practitioner. I have decades as a health care professional, hypnotherapist and a holistic healer who uses SCIO and functional medical result interpretation to help others with a range of issues, such as overcoming traumas or stop smoking.

However, I have been recently focusing on menopause and excess weight as many women seem to be struggling with these. This website is dedicated to menopause and overweight

What every woman going through the menopause should know…

⚠️ WARNING: contains explicit language! ⚠️ 
Copyright: BBC 3 Fleabag

This is the monologue by Kristin Scott Thomas in Fleabag by the BBC Three series that every woman going through menopause should know. ‘Women are born with pain built in’, but we can turn it round and make it a blessing and why you should look forward to menopause…

Take my hand and together we’ll take the first steps on your journey to menopause & weight control!