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You may know Novak Djokovic as the world’s number 1, male tennis player, with 5 Wimbledon titles. However, he hasn’t always been the tennis winning machine we know him as today.

Early in his career, Novak Djokovic would find himself exhausted and having to end his matches early, admitting defeat. Djokovic also suffered from a hip injury and shoulder soreness which limited his serve. If he was to become the player he is today, he realised he needed to do something about his ailments. So, he hired Dr Igor, who performed SCIO Therapy on Djokovic in order to help cure his illnesses.

In this article, I want to show you how SCIO helped Novak Djokovic and how it may also be able to help you.

What is SCIO Therapy?

In order to know how SCIO applications can help you, you first need to understand what it is. In our blog ‘What is SCIO Therapy?’ we explain everything you need to know. From the SCIO machine to SCIO applications. 

With over 85 different SCIO applications, it’s understandable that Djokovic turned to SCIO for help with his exhaustion and injuries.

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How did SCIO Therapy help Djokovic?

Dr Igor used the SCIO machine to find out what was causing Djokovic’s severe exhaustion, which meant he had to forfeit tennis matches. He found Djokovic suffered from a gluten sensitivity, which absorbs energy, explaining why Djokovic was so exhausted during his matches.

With the help of oxygen transport, from one of the SCIO applications, Dr Igor was able to help Djokovic’s gluten sensitivity improve, making him more energetic. Djokovic responded rapidly to SCIO, and different SCIO applications were used to fix his shoulder through muscle repair. 

As soon as Djokovic started seeing the results of SCIO his co-ordination and strength increased by 5%. On top of this, by working with Dr Igor on a day-to-day basis SCIO helped with his emotions, balancing them and putting him in control.

As Djokovic was able to focus more clearly, had more energy as his gluten sensitivity was under control and his injuries had been repaired, he was able to go on to become the number 1, male tennis player in the world. Winning the Davis Cup, Australian Open, Indian Wells, Wimbledon and so many more! 

There is no question that SCIO Therapy and Dr Igor helped make this possible.

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So, how can SCIO Therapy help you?SCIO Holistic Therapy

If SCIO Therapy can help with Djokovic’s gluten sensitivity and muscular issues, transforming him into the world’s number 1, male tennis player, then there is no reason it can’t help you. With SCIO applications of 85 biofeedback therapies, there are many ways SCIO Therapy can help you.

SCIO detects the health frequency of our cells and organs. So if you have a ‘mistuned’ cell, the SCIO will help restore and regenerate that cell. We have spoken about how SCIO Therapy helped Djokovic with varying ailments, from physical injury in his shoulder, to his gluten sensitivity. This is how VAST SCIO Therapy is. Which is why it can help you. 

SCIO can identify all allergies, and intolerances, as well as physical injury. So, whether you’re suffering from a physical or a mental health issue, SCIO Therapy will be able to help. Working with your body and mind, SCIO Therapy is tailored to your body through the SCIO machine. 

The SCIO machine is safe, pain-free, and non-invasive and is suitable for both adults and children.

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