Holistic Hypnotherapy: Why it’s a great form of radical self-care

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Many of us realise the importance of self-care in theory. But it can be really difficult to know how to truly and deeply care for oneself. And it can be even more difficult to prioritise self-care in our busy modern lives.

This article explains a bit more about radical self-care and also talks about how you can use holistic hypnotherapy as part of your self-care routine.

What Is Radical Self-Care?

Radical self-care is when you take the responsibility to look after yourself before you worry about taking care of someone else. This can sound a little harsh, but it is entirely necessary.

Simply put, you can only give what you have inside of yourself. If you are physically and mentally drained, then how can you expect to be able to help others? If you do not love yourself, how can you give love to someone else?

Why is Radical Self-Care Important?

How important is it to look after yourself? It’s crucial. But this seemingly logical notion is often neglected because of daily life. There are so many other aspects of our day that we prioritise above self-care. I’m not talking about the cosmetics you use, or the level of hygiene you maintain. This runs deeper. This is about spiritual well-being, state of mind, the upliftment of one’s self. You can’t be there for another if you’re troubled.

If your spiritual happiness has taken a back seat, then how much of yourself can you possibly give?

So, how do we ensure that our capacity to love and nurture is full? Through self-adoration and appreciation. However, not in a conceited way, but in a more conscious and positive way.

Holistic Hypnotherapy: Why It's One A Great Form Of Radical Self-Care

What is Holistic Hypnotherapy?

Holistic hypnotherapy is a form of holistic therapy. It takes the mind and body as one, considering the individual as a whole, rather than just a collection of symptoms or conditions. It understands that one event or part of the body can have a knock-on effect upon your entire health and wellbeing

Holistic hypnotherapy also uses hypnosis to bypass the conscious mind and allows you to communicate with your subconscious, which is more emotional and feeling-based rather than logical. This is where your fears, neuroses and instincts live – the root of any problems or blockages you may be experiencing.  Within this state, we communicate with and release emotions. We enter the subconscious with curiosity and lack of judgement towards what we might discover. And this is effectively how the process of healing can be achieved – through self-acceptance and openness.

Holistic Hypnotherapy As Self-Care

Everyone is different, that’s what makes us individuals. And we all have unique processes of going about self-care. Some people go to the gym, some go to day spas, and some climb mountains or run for miles at a time. Another way of maintaining balance and taking the time for self-care is through hypnosis, or holistic hypnotherapy .

A well-balanced lifestyle is made up of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. And achieving a balance of healthy body and mind can be achieved through holistic hypnotherapy. Holistic hypnotherapy enables you to discover your demons, address them without judgement, and to begin to initiate powerful growth. It is one of the most effective tools for amplifying self-worth and wellbeing.

Holistic Hypnotherapy Can Help With:

  • Grief due to the loss of loved ones
  • Post traumatic anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea (OSA) and narcolepsy
  • Phobias, fears and common anxiety
  • Sexual unhappiness
  • Lack of fulfilment or contentment

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