What is SCIO Therapy?

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The Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System (SCIO), is leading the way in energetic medicine. The SCIO therapy is a system that incorporates all known applications of biofeedback.

I have significant experience as a Holistic Therapist, using SCIO Therapy™ to help people bring balance to their lives, health and wellbeing.

Whatever the source of your pain, The SCIO therapy will help balance and correct your stress levels, through a safe and non-invasive method.

In this article you will learn what The SCIO is, what applications it incorporates and how The SCIO machine works. It’s a machine that I’ve used in holistic therapy sessions for a number of patients. It’s the most advanced system of therapy of its kind available, so understanding its benefits is helpful to anyone looking to invest or use The SCIO machine.

So, what is The SCIO machine?

As I’ve mentioned above, The SCIO machine is safe and non-invasive. The machine is connected to you via a headband, wrist and ankle straps. The wires send electromagnetic signals to the body. It then scans the body to find out what is causing it stress. Due to the enhancement of The SCIO machine and the fact it is the most advanced in its field, it is able to complete its test in approx. 3 minutes. Yes, just 3 minutes!

It’s important to note that The SCIO machine is painless, as well as being safe and non-invasive.

Some frequently asked questions I receive from patients about The SCIO machine are:

Is The SCIO safe?

Yes, The SCIO is very safe! When we set the machine up to your body it is continuously sending and receiving electrical messages in order to evaluate and evolve your therapy according to the results. This means that not only is it giving your body exactly what it needs, it’s also listening to your body and changing The SCIO applications as required.

Is The SCIO therapy safe for children?

Yes! As children are sometimes unable to communicate to us exactly what is wrong, especially when they’re babies. It’s a great comfort to parents that instead of relying on communication, we can rely on The SCIO therapy in order to determine what level of therapy the child’s body needs. Also, as the therapy is both painless and non-invasive it can be a calming experience for children, who otherwise might have to rely on numerous tests.

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What is The SCIO therapy?

The SCIO therapy, (also known as QXCI therapy) is the most advanced form of energy medicine. I like to call it my “super-duper energy machine”! It pinpoints and reduces any stress that may be affecting your body and its systems.

If you’re suffering from a long-term health condition, recurrent illness, an autoimmune disease, a mental health disorder etc… then The SCIO therapy may be exactly what you need.

From being able to get to the root cause of your illness, to getting your stress under control or pain reduced. The SCIO therapy can help, where other medical practises may not. The SCIO therapy gives your body a voice.

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What are The SCIO applications?

Offering over 85 biofeedback therapies, a unique programme is selected to help relieve the stress on your body or mind. The therapies used are both safe and well-known, being used daily on thousands of people.

A full list of The SCIO applications can be found on The SCIO website but I have listed a few here for you:

Electro-acupuncure: Similar to acupuncture, it stimulates the points on the body linked to unwanted symptoms. It does this by passing a mild electric current, with the ability for your therapist to alter the current accordingly. Again, this is a painless exercise that is used across the world.

Muscular re-education: The SCIO does this via MENS (Microcurrent Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). A small machine delivers a small current through electrically conductive pads, reducing the pain you experience, improving your quality of life and the reduction of pain medications.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): This SCIO application uses perceptual, behavioural and communication techniques in order to help change individuals’ thoughts and or actions. It detects and modifies your limitations to help eliminate your stress or emotional feelings.

The SCIO therapy, in a nutshell

  • The SCIO machine is safe, non-invasive and painless
  • Connecting your body to a machine that deciphers what therapy you need in 3 minutes
  • Over 85 biofeedback therapies are available to help alleviate, pain, stress and illness
  • Safe to use on children and babies
  • It works with your mind and body to ensure you get the treatment you need.

The SCIO machine – my review!

This amazing machine is across between what you would find in the “Tardis”,or in a Sci/ Fi movie! It has been described as the Future of Modern Healtcare, for individual people, and I totally agree!

I am a Qualified Theatre Practitioner, who was a bit sceptical about a machine, that could analyse a hair sample, and tell you what was out of ‘Kilter’, and rebalance you, with a body scan, that used a test frequency for over 9000 substances, and gave advice on balancing You, individually!!

This is done by telling you what is wrong, and how to put it right with eating advice and dietary supplements. I found out that all grains made my Arthritis flare-up, and created bloat and indeed tiredness! Subsequently, I took the advice and gave up grains, cut down on dairy, and cut out sugar! I was astounded when I took the advice given, and in a short time lost 14lbs, had no more joint pains and lost the bloat ! Extra energy was very welcome too …

I have renamed SCIO:
Overall Heath

Thank you! I owe you, Elaine Young

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