Comprehensive SCIO Therapy testing and treatment

Get to the root of your imbalance today

Do you feel general symptoms of ‘unwellness’ that nobody seems to be able to diagnose? Do you feel that your GP hasn’t properly listened to or understood your conditions?

Are you suffering with…

  • A long-term health condition
  • Recurrent illness
  • An autoimmune disease
  • A mental health disorder
  • Fatigue / stress
  • Brain fog or poor memory
  • Aching joints / sleep problems

Just imagine…

  • Being able to get to the root cause of your illness.
  • Being able to reduce your painful or unpleasant symptoms.
  • Your stress being controlled and its nasty side effects treated.

SCIO Holistic Therapy
Elaine Young – Qualified SCIO Therapy Practitioner

I’m Elaine Young, qualified SCIO therapist. I use my super-duper energy healing machine to transform minds, bodies and lives. Through SCIO therapy, I support individuals with long-term physical or mental health conditions, who are tired of living with a lower quality of life.

As a holistic therapist, I seek to understand you as a whole. I work to find the root cause of your illness or imbalance, to unblock it, rather than just treating a collection of symptoms.

Here is what Lynne Martin has to say:

This amazing machine is across between what you would find in the “Tardis”,or in a Sci/ Fi movie! It has been described as the Future of Modern Healthcare, for individual people, and I totally agree!

I am a Qualified Theatre Practitioner, who was a bit sceptical about a machine, that could analyse a hair sample, and tell you what was out of ‘Kilter’, and rebalance you, with a body scan, that used a test frequency for over 9000 substances, and gave advice on balancing You, individually!!

This is done by telling you what is wrong, and how to put it right with eating advice and dietary supplements. I found out that all grains made my Arthritis flare-up, and created bloat and indeed tiredness! Subsequently, I took the advice and gave up grains, cut down on dairy, and cut out sugar! I was astounded when I took the advice given, and in a short time lost 14lbs, had no more joint pains and lost the bloat ! Extra energy was very welcome too …

I have renamed SCIO: Skeptics Can Improve Overall health

Thank you! I owe you, Elaine Young!
– Lynne Martin

Introducing SCIO Holistic Therapy

Give your body a voice

In the modern world, our bodies are under more pressure than ever before. We are subjected to so many physical and mental stresses and strains that we cannot control on our own. Our bodies are crying out, trying to communicate with us! But we do not always hear or understand what it is trying to say.

SCIO Therapy gives your body a voice. Through the process, I will support you to understand exactly how stress and imbalance has affected the body and also its systems. Then together we will begin to address these issues, to bring back your health, wellness and vitality.

How does it work?

The human body is entirely made up of energy, as are the conditions, pathogens and also illnesses that affect us. Furthermore, we are energy beings. The SCIO therapy device uses bio-energy feedback to find any disruptions or stresses affecting the body and its energy.

After measuring the body’s electrical energy signals and pinpointing bodily stress, the SCIO machine then sends electromagnetic signals to the body through a non-invasive headband, wrist and ankle straps. – Honestly, it is so non-invasive that several of my clients fall asleep during treatment!

This process gently yet powerfully addresses and corrects any stresses or imbalances, bringing the body and its systems back into alignment.

My SCIO Therapy experience

I have completed over 100 hours of formal SCIO training, and have already helped many patients just like you who are tired of living with ‘unwellness.’ Through SCIO Therapy, I have helped my clients to pinpoint allergies, illnesses and diseases, work through addictions and reduce painful symptoms.

I managed to put my own long-term health condition into remission for over 20 years. And I would like to offer the same extraordinary benefits to you. Get in touch with me today to book your FREE discovery session. Together we can get to the root of your imbalance and transform your mind, body and life.

What is SCIO Therapy?

SCIO Therapy, (also known as QXCI therapy), AKA, my super-duper energy machine is the most advanced form of energy medicine. It is a device that will pinpoint and reduce any stresses that may be affecting your body and its systems.

These bodily stresses could come in the form of:

  • Viruses, bacteria or fungi
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Past trauma
  • Hereditary illnesses
  • Mental factors

YES, the SCIO Therapy machine really picks up all of these things!

Somewhere in this list of stresses lies the root of your ‘unwellness’, the true heart of the imbalance that is causing your symptoms.

I then use the device to correct and reduce any stress factors, bringing balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

SCIO Therapy Further Reading

SCIO Therapy FAQ’s

What is SCIO therapy?

SCIO therapy, AKA QXCI therapy, AKA, my ‘super duper energy machine’ is the most advanced form of energy medicine. It is a device that combines all known applications of Biofeedback and will pinpoint and reduce any stresses that may be affecting your body and its systems. SCIO stands for ‘scientific consciousness interface Operations.’ QXCI stands for ‘Quantum Xrroid Interface System.’

The SCIO machine is safe, painless and non-invasive, making it suitable for adults, children and babies. It detects and reduces stress by balancing and correcting the bodies electromagnetic frequencies by returning them to their natural level. The SCIO applications used have positive effects in healing and reducing pain and/or stress.

Working in a naturopathic manner; the SCIO therapy notices that unhealthy tissues will react differently to healthy tissues. The SCIO therapy will stimulate and harness the self-healing abilities of the human body, in order to reduce or eliminate stress levels.

How does SCIO work?

The process of the SCIO therapy is safe, painless and non-invasive. Your body is connected via a headband, wrist and ankle straps. The SCIO machine then sends electromagnetic signals to your body and receives information back from your body via an advanced computer software system.

The SCIO therapy device uses bio-energy feedback to find any disruptions or stresses affecting the body and its energy. The device is able to locate these stresses because healthy and unhealthy areas of the body respond differently to the machine, sending back distinctly different results – different types of energy. 

How safe is SCIO therapy?

The SCIO therapy is extremely safe, painless and non-invasive. As it operates via a biofeedback system it responds directly to your needs. It sends and receives continual electrical messages from your body and evaluates them. It provides exactly what your body needs, ensuring it is specific to the level of therapy your body requires. It’s also important to note that, the SCIO therapy doesn’t affect any medication you may have been prescribed by your GP.

The SCIO therapy is also safe for children and babies. As children are often unable to tell us why they’re in pain or stress, so, the SCIO machine can do it for you. Also, as it is painless, non-invasive and over after 3 minutes, it’s ideal for children and babies.

What can SCIO Therapy be used for?

SCIO Therapy can be used for hundreds of physical and mental health conditions. This can include:

  • long-term health conditions
  • Recurrent illness
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Mental health issues
  • Fatigue / stress
  • Brain fog or poor memory
  • Aching joints / sleep problems

What is the test?

We will begin the session by having a relaxed chat so that we can get to know each other and you can feel comfortable. I will ask a series of questions about your health, nutrition, and any conditions and feed this information into the machine.

You will then be connected to the machine via a non-invasive headband, wrist, and ankle straps. Honestly, the process is so non-invasive, many of my clients fall asleep! 

The SCIO machine scans and provides a list of what is causing stress to the body, testing over 9000 substances. It takes the SCIO machine approximately 3 minutes to scan the entire body, and the information gathered provides an accurate diagnosis.

After the session, you will be given a comprehensive report about the work that has been done, the machine’s findings, as well as any further work that still needs to be done.

Do I need to prepare for the SCIO test?

There will be a questionnaire you will need to fill out before you come. And we will have a 30-minute (complementary) discovery telephone session so that I can find out about you and your aims for hypnotherapy. Other than that, you just need to bring yourself. Wear something comfortable, and come with an open and curious mind.

How long will the session take? – up to 2.5 hours.

A typical session lasts up to 2.5 hours. However, the SCIO machine is incredibly intuitive. It holds the health of the individual being treated above all else. Sometimes the machine will detect that too many stresses have been corrected, and that too much work has been done. In this case, the machine advises that any immediate further treatment would cause more stress than benefit to the body and its systems. In this case, the SCIO session will finish early. However, you have paid for 2.5 hours of my time. There is always more support that can be offered to you, and you will not be made to leave early!

How long does it take to see results?

When it comes to SCIO Therapy results, everyone is different! It depends on the individual, their physical and mental state, and what is being corrected by the machine. It may take a few weeks or months to notice any effect, or you might notice a more immediate change. However, the process is a gentle yet powerful approach that is designed to bring transformational change in a more rapid way.

I’m a therapist – can I refer any of my patients for SCIO Therapy?

Yes! I offer a SCIO Therapy referral programme for therapists. If you would like to know more about your clients and obtain a holistic view of their conditions or symptoms, you can refer them for SCIO Therapy. This is not an attempt to poach your clients, or to position one therapy as better than another. Your clients will remain your clients. They will receive a SCIO Therapy session to detect and correct any top-level imbalances. They will then be sent back to you. You will receive a comprehensive report of their body and its systems in order to inform your treatment decisions and plans. As an incentive, you will receive a £25 M&S voucher, and your client will receive a 10% discount on the session.

What are the SCIO applications?

Once the test has been completed, the SCIO chooses from over 85 biofeedback therapies, to determine the right therapy your body needs. The therapies are all safe, well-known and widely used across the world. Below are some of the SCIO applications used:

  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Meridan system correction
  • Scalar auto program
  • Trivector program
  • Muscular re-education 

Can you treat me remotely?

An office visit is more effective, however because of Covid 19 interrupting the likelihood of an office visit, The machine is so sensitive that a lock of a clients hair is used in these difficult times.  In exceptional circumstances and with the client’s permission a subspace connection can be utilised anywhere in the world. Obviously being in the office connected to the armbands and headband is the best way of getting the results you need.

Achieve the clarity, health and balance your body deserves today