Case Study: Some Clients I Will Never Forget

Elaine Young Holistic Therapy Holistic Therapist

Working in ICU was not only physically draining but always emotionally charged. Especially when I realised I was nursing a friend’s young daughter. She was 15 and a brittle diabetic.

As she had reached puberty her disease had escalated. She had been in and out of hospitals and now she was in a coma and not expected to live.

Supporting a Mother and Father

I had many discussions and counselling sessions with Diane, her husband was the stoic who thought he could manage alone. During one of these sessions Diane confided that Susan was in fact her Grand Daughter whom she had raised from an infant due to family problems. Susan was a wilful child who had started self-harming. I listened, I sympathised and felt her pain.

I was there when she died, I allowed the parents to grieve and then was there when they needed help putting their lives back together.


In Diane’s Words

“On two occasions in the past, Elaine was nursing a very precious family member who was dreadfully ill. Elaine went above and beyond the call of duty putting her patient’s welfare above all else, including herself. I will never forget her selfless actions to save my Granddaughter. Elaine is one in a million. Thank you, Elaine.”

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