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Elaine Young Holistic Hypnotherapist

Hello, I am Elaine Young and I specialise in Hypnotherapy in Crawley to help you overcome trauma or whatever is holding you back from optimal health. If you feel that life is hard, relationships tricky or events from your past are still affecting you, I can help. It is about making the link between unresolved adverse childhood experiences and what may be holding you back today. I can help you to overcome these obstacles and live your life to the full so that you feel well and in control of your happiness. I practice holistic hypnotherapy in and around Crawley and also cover Sussex and Kent.

What is holding you back?

Are you struggling with brain fog, toxic relationships, weight gain or self-sabotage?

Are you exhausted all of the time and feel anxious, depressed or overwhelmed?

Have you turned to your GP yet you don’t feel properly heard?

Is it time for something new?

Understand yourself more fully to overcome triggers and behaviours.

Be full of positive energy and feelings.

Take back the control of your life, health and happiness.

Hypnotherapy in Crawley to help you heal from your past

1. Questionnaire to get to know you

The first step of working together is to complete a questionnaire to give me a bit more information about you and what you are hoping to achieve by having hypnotherapy.

2. Complementary call
Ahead of our hypnotherapy session I also offer a complementary call to go through your questionnaire, if you would like. This allows me to ask any questions so that I can make our session even more tailored.

3. The hypnotherapy session
Either in-person or online, we will meet to start your session. I ask that you come with an open, curious mind so that I can unlock what is holding you back.

4. A recording of the session
When we start to go deep with the hypnotherapy I will record the session. This allows you to refer back to our session so that you can continue your self-healing journey before our next session.

After the hypnotherapy session, what happens next?
To get the most benefit from Hypnotherapy I would recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.

“I was looking for an opportunity to step-up my game…

“Due to a few challenges I had in running my life to give myself a full licence to be successful, loved and allowing myself to enjoy the fruits of hard work, I was looking for an opportunity to step up my game. Elaine gave me the encouragement to go through life-changing transformation in hypnosis and put me in a position where I can be unapologetically me, with greater authenticity, being content and free. One cannot ask for a better kind of empowerment. This is the quantum leap I needed. Thank you, Elaine, with all my heart!”

Alica Arvay, communications specialist and writer

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About Elaine Young

With 40 years of traditional and complementary care experience I am able to help my clients from both angles. This blend allows me to treat you holistically as a whole being rather than trying to treat symptoms. I have a variety of tools in my wellness toolbox all designed to help you take control of your issues which are often the root cause from childhood trauma
Elaine Young Holistic Therapy Holistic Therapist

Tell me a little bit about you and your symptoms so that I can help you on your wellness journey…

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Will I be in a trance?

No, hypnotherapy combines elements of hypnosis with talking therapy allowing positive changes at both a conscious and sub-conscious level. You are still in full control whilst being guided by me.

Do I need to prepare for the session?

I will ask you to complete a questionnaire ahead of our session but on the day you just need to come as you, wear something comfortable and have an open, curious mind.

Why is the session recorded?

I only record the key moments, suggestions and advice for you to take away to help you on your self-healing journey.

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