How childhood trauma affects adult relationships

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Looking at childhood development can shed light on our adult behaviour, unhealthy patterns and issues with boundaries.

Our formative years can affect us long into adulthood, especially in romantic relationships and so understanding and self-reflection can help towards changing these damaging behaviours. 

Childhood trauma and adult relationships

In her article “10 Ways Childhood Trauma Can Manifest in Adult Relationships” Kaytee Gillis analyses how healing from previous trauma is liberating both physically and mentally. And yet often in these situations we settle for someone who isn’t a good fit.

She looks at 10 key ways these can play out in our adult relationships such as:

  1. Fear of abandonment
  2. Getting irritable or annoyed with others
  3. Needing a lot of space to yourself
  4. Unequal responsibilities
  5. Setting in a relationship longer than you should
  6. Constant upset or avoiding conflict completely
  7. Not knowing how to get over conflict
  8. Serial monogamy
  9. Having issues with relationships
  10. Trying to change your partner

Settling for someone who isn’t a good fit

✅ I encourage you to read this insightful article how childhood trauma can affect our grown up life, questioning if this is normal and how to go back to look at unhealthy patterns to then be able to resolve them.

Do you suffer with childhood trauma? 

Understanding childhood trauma and how it affects our adult relationships can be liberating both physically and mentally. And the good news is that these issues can be healed with hypnosis.

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