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I help people with a history of childhood trauma to regain control of their bodies, minds, lives and sexual happiness. My passion is to help people of all ages to experience a transformation.

Find out about my 40 years of experience in traditional medicine and as a holistic therapist

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About me

I’m Elaine Young, certified holistic therapist. I use holistic therapy, hypnotherapy, and SCIO Therapy™ to help people who need to bring balance to their lives, health or wellbeing. This could mean that they are suffering from pain, or poor mental or physical health. Or perhaps they are deeply unsatisfied with some aspects of their lives and need to experience a transformation.

My 40 years of experience as a registered nurse as well as my background as an accredited hypnotherapist and SCIO therapist means that I offer a blend of traditional and holistic therapies and understandings.

As a holistic therapist, I cultivate a professional yet nurturing relationship with my clients. I  support people to achieve the health, happiness and fulfilment they deserve.

I have been trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ by Marisa Peer.

My Story

People are only now starting to understand the wider impact that trauma and abuse can have on the mind and body, and how if unaddressed, can cause suffering for many years to come.

I initially developed poly-cystic ovaries as a result of my trauma. And it seemed that every further rejection or betrayal caused my autoimmune system to react with more illnesses. I also developed Cancer of the Uterus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue and recurrent Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Throughout my first marriage, I was able to tear down these walls of shame and guilt, one brick at a time. I have also had a great deal of holistic therapy and treatment, myself. This caused me to recognise the incredible transformational healing that can come from hypnotherapy and other holistic treatments. I have since reclaimed my happiness and my health from the negative impact of my past.

Whatever the source of your pain, imbalance or unhappiness, I can support you through a holistic healing process. Together we can bring about the transformation you deserve. Start your journey to wellness today.


My Professional History

Nursing was my first passion. I spent 4 decades working as a registered nurse, across two continents, England and South Africa. I married a chief neurosurgeon and continued my nursing in South Africa, specialising in intensive care. In my career, I have also worked as a trauma counsellor for the Police, as well as working in coaching and mentoring.

After 40 years of working in traditional medicine, I decided to approach health and wellbeing from a new direction.

So, I decided to train as a holistic therapist.  This type of therapy recognises and treats the body as a whole, rather than just a collection of symptoms. And this was something I felt was lacking in traditional medicine.

My Qualifications

I fell in love with Rapid Transformational Therapy and its benefits. So, I completed a course at Imperial College in London, developed and taught by the internationally renowned Marisa Peer. I have also been registered as a Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, who have verified my previous training.

Over the course of my life, I have developed an interest in SCIO therapy, after having SCIO treatment in South Africa. I quickly realised its benefits in treating my own conditions. After I managed to put my rheumatoid arthritis into remission for over 20 years, I knew I had to share this therapy with others.

Then I bought my super-duper SCIO therapy machine, and have completed over 100 hours of formal training. And I now use this therapy to help others. I help people to understand the cause of their illnesses, unhappiness, and general ‘unwellness’, and to reduce these imbalances.