Corona Virus Support for Individuals, Couples, Families and Children

Supporting you during self-isolation and social distancing during these unprecedented times. You are not alone and I can help support your mental and physical wellbeing during this time. I can help with: anxiety, fear and depression, chronic pain and sleep issues.


Are you experiencing disbelief, sadness and uncertainty?

Do you feel angry and fear for your health and that of your loved ones?

Are you struggling to sleep?

Corona Virus Support for Children - Elaine Young

Children with Anxiety

Are you concerned about your children who are already experiencing anxiety? disbelief, sadness, uncertainty, anger, sleeplessness and fear about your own health and that of your loved ones. Big issue is kids anxiety.

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First session
at the special rate of £100
[ for aged 6-18 ]

Corona Virus Support for Patient and Carers - Elaine Young

Patients and Carers

Having been a carer for many years myself, I know exactly how it feels to be looking after a patient. But as a retired nurse of 40 years, I also have the practical skills to help.

Initial call FREE

Per hour
at the special rate of £150
[ no regression ]

Corona Virus Support for Individuals - Elaine Young


If you live alone and are concerned for having support and contact during these difficult times, I can help. If you are experiencing disbelief, anger, uncertainty let me help.

Initial call FREE

Per hour
at the special rate of £150
[no regression]

My Support

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Anxiety

Stress and Fear

Anxiety & Depression

Chronic pain

Sleep issues

Elaine Young Holistic Therapy Holistic Therapist

Hello! I’m Elaine

Holistic Therapist

I help people deal with trauma, anxiety, fear and depression to bring balance to their lives, health and wellbeing. Never before has this been more important than right now with us all dealing with the Cornona Virus pandemic and the social isolation we have to face.

You are not alone; I can help you with your mental or physical health and chronic pain.

With 40 years of experience as nurse as well as being an accredited hypnotherapist, I offer a blend of traditional and holistic therapies to support you and your loved ones. As a holistic therapist, I cultivate a professional yet nurturing relationship with my clients. I want to support you to achieve the health, happiness and fulfilment you deserve at this difficult time.

My passion is to help people you experience a transformation despite living in difficult times.

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"I am so thankful for the hynotherapy I experienced with Elaine and the resulting changes it brought about. Your strength and warmth made me feel safe, respected and able to engage. I highly recommend Elaine. Bless you and thank you x

Susie Mackie

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works by putting your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation. This relaxation aims to bypass the conscious mind (the part of your mind dealing with immediate, current information) and to talk to your subconscious (the part of the mind where deeper information, memories and feelings are stored.) By sending suggestions, metaphors, stories and images to the subconscious mind, you can begin to work through traumas, blockages and deep-rooted issues. You begin to heal yourself.

What can I expect from a hypnotherapy session?

The main thing you can expect from a hypnotherapy session is transformation. The process is gentle yet extremely powerful. During the session, you can expect a relaxed and pressure free environment. We will only talk about what you are comfortable to talk about. You will never be pushed.

How long does it take to see results?

When it comes to hypnotherapy results, everyone is different! It may take a few weeks or months to notice any effect, or you might notice a more immediate change. Hypnotherapy is a gentle yet powerful approach that is designed to bring transformational change in a faster way.

What does a hypnotherapy session include?

You will receive a complementary 30-minute discovery telephone call so that I can find out more about you, your challenges, and your hypnotherapy goals. Then, after filling in a short questionnaire, we will meet for up to 2.5 hours for the hypnotherapy session. We will have a relaxed chat before the hypnotherapy begins so that you can get to know me, and feel comfortable. During the session, I will take a recording of any realisations, transformations, and key moments. You should leave the session and continue to listen to this recording a few times a week to sustain progress.

Will I be completely ‘under’ or in a trance?

Hypnotherapy is a process of deep relaxation, designed to put you into a dream-like state. But you will still be in control at all times. You will be aware of what is happening, and will be able to come out of the process at any time. You will not be made to do anything you are not comfortable with or not aware of.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

There will be a questionnaire you will need to fill out before you come. And we will have a 30-minute (complementary) discovery telephone session so that I can find out about you and your aims for hypnotherapy. Other than that, you just need to bring yourself. Wear something comfortable, and come with an open and curious mind.

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