Free To Be Me TM

Be different. Be brave. Be you. 

Resolve adverse childhood trauma and become free and happy – helping you to heal

Is your past still affecting you and you are struggling to move forward in life? If you feel like you are living in a fog and going through the motions, there is another way. I am Elaine Young and I am passionate about helping people to live the lives they would if only they knew how.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are unsure why your friendships are not satisfying.
  • Your romantic relationship is unsatisfactory, especially sexually.
  • You have a chronic disease or poor health and are often poorly.

Do you suffer from…

  • Toxic relationships
  • Self-sabotage
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Instead, you could feel like this…

A confident, loveable individual, knowing that you are enough in every situation, family romantic social and professional.

  • Confident in your adult relationships with clear boundaries and respect
  • Secure in your romantic relationship, able to communicate and a more satisfying sexual experience.
  • Recognising your ill health can be addressed and seeking ways to get better
  • Feeling more content with life in general with a plan for moving forward.


Happy Client

“Due to a few challenges I had in running my life to give myself a full licence to be successful, loved and allowing myself to enjoy the fruits of hard work, I was looking for an opportunity to step up my game. Elaine gave me the encouragement to go through life-changing transformation in hypnosis and put me in a position where I can be unapologetically me, with greater authenticity, being content and free. One cannot ask for a better kind of empowerment. This is the quantum leap I needed. Thank you, Elaine, with all my heart!”

Alica Arvay, communications specialist and writer


Free To Be Me TM

Overcome adverse childhood trauma (ACT)

Let me guide you through the process of overcoming adverse childhood trauma. You will feel enlightened to what is holding you back, deal with them, heal from them and be free from the shackles of your past. To make true change, once and for all, allowing you to develop yourself and your relationships.

free to be me 1:1 programme

What’s included in this 1:1 programme?

Three-month programme

A programme spread over three months and personalised to you, your past and designing your future.

Six 1:1 sessions

I will lead you through my tried and tested programme that helps people just like you to reframe their subconscious and go from living on autopilot to living with intention every single day.

A safe, confidential space

A chance to identify what is holding you back and share your experiences to help understand the sex, love and intimacy that you yearn to have in a committed relationship.

Time for reflection to do the work

I give you space to digest our sessions and time to reflect on your learnings so that you can do the work needed to move forward.

Also included:

Journal prompts to complete and reflect on

Journal prompts will help you as you work through the programme. As issues come up you can record those for further discussion in our sessions.

Voxer support

Receive my support and guidance between our sessions using this FREE app.

Access to resources and workbooks

As you are building up and learning the process to be “FREE TO BE ME”. You can go back and revisit this at any time new issues crop up.

A wealth of knowledge to tap into

From a wise lady with a medical background, heaps of empathy having experienced and overcome her own childhood trauma and a passion to help you too.

Audio recording of MPS session

MPS recordings of the cure to embed the changes that have been made.

The topics we cover during our three months:

Journey to Free to Be Me


Take your time, what outcome do you want.


A health check to benchmark where you are. We will look at your diet, weight, how you feel about yourself, and any autoimmune diseases, pain, fibromyalgia or other illnesses.


Your programme is personalised to your needs. I will blend hypnotherapy, SCIO therapy and nutrition to help you heal inside and out.


Plotting the course depending on the need. Acceptance of what is and discussion of what can be changed. Possibly childhood trauma : Understanding Sex Love and intimacy. unsatisfactory relationships, Sexual, I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable. Uncomfortable not able to be yourself. Rejection of self. Unable to accept our own bodies, shame.


For the concerns raised from childhood to adult transformation and acceptance or hypnosis for more general concerns. A comprehensive hypnosis recording to help consolidate the suggestions made under hypnosis.


What do you need for acceptance of yourself or the relationship? Joy, to be seen, liberating, alive and well, freedom to be me. What gaps, how they are feeling after 3 months? What they have achieved. Discussion with the client to assess if the Free to be Me outcome has been achieved or what we can achieve with further treatment.

Why Free To Be Me TM works

You will work with Elaine who has felt like you and overcome her own adverse childhood experiences. 

You will receive accountability from Elaine who is a qualified therapist with a medical background and vast life experience.

You are not doing this alone – Elaine is here to problem-solve, facilitate and provide guidance in a safe, nurturing space.

You will become aware of the issues holding you back and understand why it has been so hard for you.

You will accept your childhood is a part of YOU, and make peace with it from an adult perspective.

You will be able to turn “events” into memories that will protect you from not happening again and to reframe your outlook.

Free to be me

Let me tell you more about me…

I help people with a history of childhood trauma to regain control of their bodies, minds, lives and sexual happiness. My passion is to help people of all ages to experience a transformation. Let me help you to find the source of your pain, imbalance or unhappiness to bring about a transformation to wellness and a happier life!

My mission is to support people who feel let down by traditional medicine, or who want to supplement their traditional care with a more holistic, personal and understanding approach.

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Are you ready to be Free To Be Me TM

  • Confident in your adult relationships with clear boundaries and respect
  • Secure in your romantic relationship and ability to communicate easily with your partner
  • Able to show your emotion and share your feelings, even when things are tricky
  • Happy to take time to reflect on a situation before you act, even if you are triggered
  • Recognising your ill health can be addressed and seeking ways to get better
  • Feeling more content with life in general with a plan for moving forward.

Free To Be Me TM
1:1 Programme




1:1 Programme FAQs

What can I expect from a hypnotherapy session?

The main thing you can expect from a hypnotherapy session is transformation. The process is gentle yet extremely powerful. During the session, you can expect a relaxed and pressure free environment. We will only talk about what you are comfortable to talk about. You will never be pushed.

Will I be completely ‘under’ or in a trance?

Hypnotherapy is a process of deep relaxation, designed to put you into a dream-like state. But you will still be in control at all times. You will be aware of what is happening, and will be able to come out of the process at any time. You will not be made to do anything you are not comfortable with or not aware of.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

There will be a questionnaire you will need to fill out before you come. And we will have a 30-minute (complementary) discovery telephone session so that I can find out about you and your aims for hypnotherapy. Other than that, you just need to bring yourself. Wear something comfortable, and come with an open and curious mind.

What is recorded during the hypnotherapy session?

I will never record the whole session, anything very personal or upsetting. I will record only the key moments, the key pieces of advice and the key ‘suggestions’ used. You should continue to listen to this recording a few times a week so that you can continue your own self-healing journey.

Why do I need to listen to the recording again?

Listen to the recording every day for 3 weeks to reinforce the message from your hypnosis session. Hypnosis begins to work immediately and is reinforced by listening to the special recording made for you during the session.

Get ready to be FREE TO BE ME TM